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My name is Charlie,

I am a British actor, specialising in voice acting based outside of NYC, where I voice for clients globally from my broadcast ready Source Connected home studio. 

My voice is soothing, husky, engaging, sensual, and of course - British and can be heard in animation, audiobooks, audio dramas, commercials, e-learning and video games

If you are looking for a voice actor, I would love to get to know you and am happy to offer a complimentary initial consultation so we can look at your needs and how we can work together.


Contact details can be found at the bottom of the website, in the contact section or please do feel free to email me here 

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Let's chat about how I can bring my voice to your brand.


Charlie xoxo

Fun Facts About Me


  • Coffee - my favorite has been drinking espresso early morning in Venice watching the world go by

  • Pasta - it's an issue, I need to make my own 

  • My Maltese Cassie - my snuggle bug

  • Anything vintage - I love pieces that tell a story

  • Music - soothes my soul and inspires me

  • Cars - the older the better! 


I get excited by new encounters, making new friends and discovering vibrant new locations.

My family is everything to me and it means the world to have them with me for all my adventures. Whether it's drinking hot chocolate in the snow, sipping a cold wine on a sandy beach or winding through cobbled streets, discovering a vibrant new city, with hidden doors hiding secret restaurants and music venues. My family and friends make my life complete and I want to experience all my adventures with them. 

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