About Me

Born in Bath UK, I now live just outside of NYC with my family and my sweet Maltese pup, Cassie. 

My voice is soothing, husky, engaging, sensual, and of course - British.

I have worked in ADR, audiobooks, animation, audio dramas, commercials, e learning, meditation, podcasts and video games.

I love to dance and have danced from the age of 2, I trained at the Royal Academy of Dance in classical ballet.  I find dance and movement bring so much more than physical health for me, it brings improved vocal health and technique as well and is great for using your full body authentically and with intention. I also love to travel, horse-ride, ski, snowboard, practice yoga, dance and love to bake and cook with my kids and on my own. 

Good training and technique is much needed for the long hours narrating audiobooks or voicing video games and I have trained with some of the best in the business, and will continue to train and learn. 


Voice Acting: \


Erik Sanchez, Bruce Kronenberg, Paul Liberti, Anna Garduno, Craig lee, Roger leopardi 

video games: 

adele cutting, Andrea Toyias, Jessica Kent

video games trailers: 

Sean brust, brent allen hagel


Samantha Boffin, Brent Allen Hagel


Arianna ratner, J.P. Karliak, Lisa Biggs 


Ryan clark 


tom Dheere, carrie Olsen



Melody Wilson

Sarah Michaels 

accent & dialect:

nicola Redman

karen strassman


On Camera Acting: 

brad calcaterra

Bryan Manley davis

Karen Summerton

Matthew Porretta

Currently on going:

Acting masterclass with Stephane Cornicard

regular voice acting classes with real voice la

on camera acting with Bryan Manley Davis

acting career lab with Karen Summerton.


I am currently represented by DDO Artists Agency in NYC +1 (212) 379.6314 

I am currently freelancing with several la / Madrid / London / turkey agents

Full contact details in the contact section of this website. 

©2019 Charlie Emmeline Albers

Email charlieemmelinealbers@gmail.com

CELL +1 203 939 8195

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