"NYC Based with a Global Reach - let my voice reach your customers, wherever they may be"


Pour a cuppa, pull up a chair and find out about me...


My name is Charlie, I am a voice actor based outside of NYC, where I voice for clients globally from my broadcast ready Source Connected home studio. My voice is smooth, warm, soothing, engaging and friendly with an eloquent twist.

My previous acting training and experience, knowledge of the corporate world together with my education and training in food science and psychology all comes into play in my work now where I can take any script and work through it with ease. 

I can work anytime, the perks of having a home studio! My voice is easily adaptable from subtle to screaming and I am used to it all! Good training helps, and I have been lucky to train with the best of the best. Check this out in my resume section. 


I pride myself on wonderful customer service, my turnaround time is fast, I work well under pressure, am super easy and great to direct but also perfectly happy to self direct and make decisions on the fly. 

Aside from voice acting, I a mum of three, I love to horse-ride, ski, snowboard, practice yoga and dance; I trained with the Royal Academy of Dance in ballet from the age of 2. 

So, now you know a little about me. I would love to get to know you and chat with you about bringing my voice to your project.

Charlie xox

P.S. Want to watch or listen to my demo's?

Head here to listen or go to my YouTube if you would like to watch me :)

Contact details can be found at the bottom of the website or in the contact section. You can also email me here

Fun Facts About Me

  • Coffee - my favorite has been drinking espresso early morning in Venice watching the world go by

  • Pasta - it's an issue, I need to make my own I am really meant to be GF...

  • My Maltese Cassie - my snuggle bug

  • Anything vintage - I love pieces that tell a story

  • Music - soothes my soul and inspires me

  • Cars - the older the better! 

  • I am a true Brit - from the cobbled streets of Bath, with parents from the Highlands, hills and valleys of Scotland, Cornwall and Wales.


"NYC Based with a Global Reach - let my voice reach your customers, wherever they may be."

These are some of my favourite things-2.