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Welcome to Nu Mind Body Soul

Consider it your space for grace & calm in the chaos.
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I set up Nu Mind Body Soul as a place to help and inspire which was born out of an incredibly tough time for all of us globally as we moved through the pandemic of 2020 and 2021, navigating the rough waters of loss, grief, change and disconnect.


During this rough time, helping my own family manage, I realised that there is a serious lack of mental health support especially for kids. Right now, there are so many kids and families struggling so I decided to set up a little space online for kids & adults to wander into, to maybe offer words of comfort, some CBT inspired mindfulness, or maybe just having that little safety net of a community to chat to.


I am a mum not only to my kids but to others who have always opened up to me, so it's in my nature to want to help and wrap them in love and support. This year has been rough on our children (and us) and I think it is so important for everyone to know that they are not alone.

Those of us with kids have had to navigate homeschooling, our homes, our normal day to day routine - our jobs whilst at the same time helping our kids with mental health support. 


Some have lost jobs, loved ones… the ripple effect globally has been greatly felt by all.

It’s taken a toll on many I know & love and so - with that in mind... Nu Mind Body Soul was born.



It is my aim that Nu Mind Body Soul will be a place for kind words of inspiration, together with wellness tips & tricks to help others struggling with anxiety, depression or just wanting a place to inspire calm. 

As someone who studied psychology, nutrition, dietetics & food science I know only too well the impact of mental stress on our bodies, and the catch 22 of stress on our mental health. We don’t eat well, our sleep is broken, our minds foggy, we can’t think, can’t focus. Life becomes dark and heavy….

Nu Mind Body Soul will not replace any therapy or professional help. But I hope it can be a space of peace & calm, so you can give yourself grace and follow the mindfulness & movement posts I will share. 

Some of these are written using CBT and others are just what has worked for me and people I have helped. All writing is my own. 

Consider it your space for grace & calm in the chaos.

Now I must ask - how are you? I mean REALLY - how ARE YOU? If you are struggling - please do reach out. To me, a friend, a family member or call 211 if you are in the states which gets you through to the crisis unit.

You are not alone. We are all here together. We are listening.

With love, peace & healing thoughts.

Charlie xoxo 

In a sea of noise we are the silence… Take a moment to rest, relax & breathe. 🪴🐚

“We are the bringers of peace, calm & tranquility to soothe your souls”

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