March Madness!

Dear Friends,

Hope this newsbite find you well.

Did you know that next week is National Napping Day on March 15th?

For those of you who know me you know I literally NEVER nap! I really don't enjoy it I feel like I am wasting the day away. BUT I may on National Napping Day… because why not? Oh wait… it's a Monday, yeah I am working… shame ;)

Scroll down for more fun dates…

Anyway. I wanted to share some recent things I have been working on that I am super proud of.

1: My new Commercial Demo

Directed and produced by the amazingly talented voice actor and producer Roger Leopardi.

I have been working with Roger for a short while and LOVE how he gets me, and wants me to be so authentic and real. I love my demo and cannot wait to do my next demo with him

2: My new headshots

Taken by the super awesome talented photographer Charlie Pappas, including the one above.

Charlie and I did 16 outfit changes - below is a small selection of pics, some on my website and there will be more to come…