Welcome to my second news bite - this is a short (ish) little monthly newsletter I send out. It is not as in depth as my regular newsletter, but hopefully still fun and full of great stuff for you to enjoy.

You know friends, sometimes things happen for a reason - good or bad. It's true - I am annoyingly look on the bright side and I really believe in fate. Case in point this news bite.

I had spent a good long late evening drafting one and annoyingly then my computer decided to shut Safari and I lost it. The email service provider I use; Flodesk, doesn't save as you go, mildly annoying, but not the end of the world. 

But, rather than try to redo it and get frustrated that I couldn't remember what I had written, I decided to make it different and start afresh. Because sometimes you need a fresh slate. It also made me look out how I was planning it and in future write out to a document and save that and then copy and paste… Little tweaks help me to work smarter. 

So, I wanted to use this newsletter to make mention that in addition to all the stuff going on in our country and around the world, I recognize that it was recently Mental Health Day. 

I am sure many of us feel right now like we are wading through tar, and that life is an uphill battle. Financial and personal difficulties are rife, and I know of many who are really struggling to get a handle that this is the way it is now. I do believe we have to keep the faith and stay strong. Embrace the good and celebrate the wins no matter how small. Stick together, find your tribe (just 6ft apart) … I do believe that things will get better. 

And so in this newsletter I have a bit of a heart to heart that I shared a while ago on my social media, I know this resonated with some of you, as many of you reached out to me privately to thank me, so I am sharing here. I hope it helps and if you wish to reach out - I am always available.  

As well as all that, you will find a photo or two of my studio as many of you have asked about my studio set up, some up coming events I am attending, plus a page that is a must follow - Voice Over specific of course. Check the events and get on them FAST as they book up in a flash! 

There is a link to my Instagram where you can listen to some meditation, because a world without meditation is surely an empty one. I actually voiced several for Liv Lab and I am waiting for them to upload the rest but… ya know… pandemic and all :)

And finally a shout out to someone super awesome and super talented who had some amazing news recently and who is such a beacon in this voice acting community of ours.