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What is spill the tea?

This is a sacred space for you to unbox your ideas, where we can work together to:-

  • gather ideas,

  • form plans,

  • get inspiration

  • and forge a path for you to follow to achieve your goals and aspirations. 

These sessions are 30 minutes long and you choose what you want to work on, it can be anything from:-

  • “picking my brain”

  • getting advice starting in VoiceOver, what to get, where to start, coaches I recommend, podcasts, books and more

  • Practice British rp or any uk accent for a role 

  • general life coaching and wellness - grounding 


Or maybe you just want to chat, to spill the tea, to have someone to listen – these are tough times, we have to be kind to ourselves. 

for booking each session I will send a 5 minute meditation to ground you and focus your mind so you are ready for your journey.


Whatever you need I am here to guide you.

Why did I set up Spill The Tea?



Many people would ask me;

How do I get into voiceover? what do I need to buy? where can I find work? Can I pick your brains on agents / pay to play... (almost anything)

I am stressed, life is tough, I am lost, I need help leveling ...

This coupled with a desire that people wanted to explore new avenues, to balance self-care and wellness sparked the need for an online life and wellness coach who has business acumen and understands the hurdles people experience in day to day life.

Spill The Tea will also be a service for people to come to if you need some wellness and life coaching and guidance.


My Background

My degree is in Food Science, Psychology and Marketing and my career (pre voice acting) is in Marketing, PR and Events. 

in a nutshell I have helped large corporates in managing large communications, PR and events departments to increase business reach. as a qualified chef I have worked with food r&d production teams to develop recipes adhering to nutrition guidelines to then go to retail (such fun seeing them on the shelf). and I have set up and run my own events business in the uk where I provided fully decorated bell tents, old fashioned garden games, caterers, entertainment and vintage china for weddings and events.

Now I run my own voice acting business from my broadcast ready home studio outside of NYC where I work for a number of clients based globally to provide my voice to projects that you hear on TV, radio, games, in-house training, in guided meditations and more.

I have helped people set up home studios, guided them on what they need and directed them to coaches in areas where they need additional focus as well as assisting in pulling together spots for demo's and writing scripts for demo's.

most of this has been done whilst managing a home, homeschooling kids and navigating through a pandemic... so I am used to working under pressure and can advise on how to manage it all.

I have given interviews in the uk on "having it all", drafted speeches at conferences and events and been invited by lloyds tsb bank to be a keynote speaker.

As such I am perfectly placed to offer coaching in business, wellness, life and to offer support in how to juggle all the balls and stay sane - one word - coffee :). 

At times like this we need guidance and support and I am here to help. Consider me your righthand gal, to brainstorm and chat to over a cup of tea or coffee or even a glass of wine. whatever works - this is all done remotely so you choose your poison. .

So, if you need help figuring out where to start, what to do, to get focus and direction ... give me a call and let's Spill The Tea.

Charlie xoxo

Please note:

This is not a stand alone voice coaching service however I can provide recommendations for many accredited voice coaches who I use regularly.


this service will also give tips, tricks, links galore for those starting in voiceacting.


Spill The Tea Coaching




Consultation Booking - 30 minute @ $50

this includes a 5 minute meditation for you to keep

*this price will rise in 2021\



payment required on booking - payment details will be emailed with your confirmation email 


please note I ask for 24hours notice for cancellation. Thank you for understanding. 


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