What people say


Rich Savage

Charlie is the real deal when it comes to voice acting! You just have to listen to hear what separates her from the crowd.


She brings a classy sophistication to whatever she's doing and makes it seem easy. 


You need to work with Charlie.

Tom Aglio

I am such a big fan of Charlie's!


Seriously, the moment I heard her voice I Knew she would be my go to for any projects that ask for a British female voice.


She's the FIRST person there to give a compliment and carries herself like the true pro she is!


It's zero surprise why she's such a booker in this business,


and I know she's a force to be reckoned with!

Ken Elliott

Charlie is a pleasure to work with.


She delivers solid performances and professional quality!

Thibaud Keller

Thanks to Charlie for a job well done.


Quality recordings with a beautiful voice.


A good reactivity.


A pleasure to work with such a professional and devoted person


5 Star Reviews


This is a great book but is enhanced by Charlie Emmeline Albers’ narrative. 



I haven't listened to anything narrated by Charlie Emmeline Albers. I loved her narration. 



Fun and Entertaining. Charlie Emmeline Albers’ performance was amazing and brings a lot of energy and feeling to the whole story



Charlie did an amazing job on the narration she really knows how to bring a story to life, and I look forward to listening to more of her work in the future



Charlie Emmeline Albers was great bringing the characters to life with her voice.



The narrator did an amazing job bringing Laura’s characters to life!



This is the first time I’m hearing Charlie Emmeline Albers & I was quite impressed by the narration.



She was absolutely fantastic. She gave life to the story and each of the characters effortlessly.



Charlie Emmeline Albers is a new to me narrator and I love her range and vocal style. She has a wide variety of voices and each character is distinct and well done.



Ms Albers conveys every bit of humor and emotion the author put into her story and I will definitely be looking for more books narrated by her.


The narrator did an amazing job

she was so great at everyone's voices. I was never confused on who was talking.


one of the best audibles I've come across.


Julia Maggiora

Charlie is so very helpful!


From answering questions about technique and inflections, to giving suggestions for equipment, she is both knowledgeable and kind.


With her guidance, I was able to hone my voice over reel, and have used many of the tips and tricks she's given to make the quality of my recordings even better.


I would recommend her to anyone looking for information about the voice acting world! 

Stephanie Pope Lofgren

I highly recommend Charlie Emmeline Albers for her Voice Actor consulting services.


In  the short time that I have known her, she has offered advice, recommendations, knowledge and expertise that has been invaluable.


From studio set up, recommendations on equipment, VO agents, groups and audition resources


she is definitely THE go-to!

Machtet Van Der Gaag

When your day and mind are all over the place, spilling the tea with Charlie is just what you need.


Her calm and her and voice soothes your scattered soul and thoughts and she makes you feel grounded again, in the moment.


Sometimes, a little talk with someone who can look at you from afar (literally in this case, as we live on two different continents haha!) and put your mind, thoughts, questions, answers - into perspective... is just the little pick-me-up you were looking for - but could not find on your own - to reset yourself. 

Pierson Mellwig

Charlie was incredibly helpful and provided me with great information regarding how to start in the Voiceover industry.


She gave thoughtful answers to my questions.


great recommendations, and was truly a great help in introducing me to the wonderful world of voiceovers.

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